Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Week Review #7: 15th December 2013

// Revision & Johnny English // Nan & Gramp's 50th Anniversary // Stole Boyf's Cap //
// Starbucks // Knackered Boyf // New Scarf //
// The Hobbit // Puppy Williams // Mum's Christmas Tree //

Sorry for the late week review (again!). Been having some health issues lately so blogging took a bit of a back seat. Last weekend was spent revising for an exam I had Monday but I couldn't resist watching Johhny English while it was on TV! Sunday I had my Nan and Gramp's 50th Wedding Anniversary meal to go to. It was so nice to be around the family because, since I've been at uni, I've spent any time with them. Considering I'm in my third year of uni that's a lot of time I've missed! One thing I will miss over Christmas is the hot chocolate in the uni Starbucks, they spare no expense on the cream! You get an absolute mountain and don't get charged for it. The last week of term is always hectic and the fact that we had 3 assignments in that week really did take it's toll on Roche, flaking out under the Christmas tree! Although he did manage to get me an early Christmas present in the form of a Topman scarf which I love; he couldn't have me being cold! (Or just got sick of me complaining about how cold I am...). Then Friday night we went to go see The Hobbit which was amazing! And featured a pug cameo which made my day. Pugs are taking over the world I tell you! Then this weekend I spent at my mum's with my dog following me round acting like my shadow (I've missed being stalked by her...) and we put up the Christmas tree! Still don't feel Christmassy though, despite typing this at my Nan's house, which resembles Santa's grotto, while watching White Christmas. It has to kick in at some point surely?!

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