Sunday, 2 March 2014


Just a quick post to apologise for my blogging absence the last 2 months!

Pretty sure I briefly mentioned in a previous post that I had some health issues that got in the way of my blogging time (if only because I couldn't think of anything else!), then it was Christmas and New Year and before I knew it I was back in uni working non-stop on my dissertation! Which brings us to today. 
Juggling third year, dissertation work and a blog was never going to be easy and it was a battle won by the dissertation. Although I'm nowhere near finished with that, I'm going to start making time for my blog again because I miss writing (well writing things that are in no way uni related!).
So I've got quite a few blog post ideas up my sleeve that will hopefully be up over the next month or so; some of them will be in-keeping with previous posts I've done and others will be slightly different to what I usually do but hopefully a good different!

Apologies again and watch this space!

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