Saturday, 14 December 2013

Feeling Festive #3: Christmas Pyjamas

One of the things I love about this time of year are Christmas traditions. Those things you do every year without fail or else Christmas just doesn't feel the same. I also love that everyone has different traditions so I'm here today to share one of my family's things that we do every year which maybe some of you do too. And that is Christmas pyjamas. Every Christmas Eve, after we've had our tea and we're about to wind down for the evening, we all get to open our "Christmas Pyjamas". I think the theory behind this is that we wake up fresh on Christmas day with brand new pyjamas, especially since my Dad insisted on filming us open our presents every year so we couldn't just wear any PJs! Despite the fact that I've now moved out, my Mum still insists on us having new PJs, which I'm glad about because I would hate to see that tradition fall by the way side. For the past few weeks my Mum has been pestering me to choose a pair so she can buy them, wrap them and I can act surprised when I receive them, but I'm still yet to find a pair (within our budget anyway!).
So for anyone like me who hasn't had chance to find their annual PJs or for those who feel like picking up a new tradition this year, here are a few Christmas-themed pyjamas (how many times can you say pyjamas in one blog post?!) to get you started:

1) Felicity Father Christmas Shorts & Vest Set (, £10)
2) Katie Keep Calm Mistletoe Shorts & Vest Set (, £10)
3) Santa Says Relax Pyjama Set (Topshop, £26)
4) Courtney Fairisle Shorts (Boux Avenue, £18)
5) South Penguin Fairisle Christmas T-Shirt (, £16)
6) Sorbet Stag Print Pyjamas (, £15) 
7) Betty Boop Fairisle Pyjamas (, £16)
8) Minnie Mouse & Mickey Winter Hugs Pyjamas (, £24)

And I'd love to know what your Christmas traditions are, so feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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