Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Feeling Festive #2: Dressing the Part!

This year I'm not feeling the most festive, whether that's because I haven't got an advent calender (how old am I?!) or because we haven't got any decorations. So starting from now I'm going to do my best to feel as Christmassy as possible, starting with plastering myself head to toe in Christmas clothes...Well maybe not completely but a Christmas jumper wouldn't go amiss. Trawling through the internet I found so many cute festive things and, if I had the money to do so, I'm sure I would've been throwing things aimlessly onto my debit card. But since I don't have the funds to do that I thought I'd just post a few of the things I've found, so here are my favourites!

I just thought this was adorable, not sure if I'm cool enough to pull it off but I want it!

2) Beluah Reindeer Christmas Jumper (Missguided, £16.99)
3) Acenitha Snowman Christmas Jumper (Missguided, £16.99)
Two really cute (and affordable) Christmas jumpers from Missguided. Considering you can only bust them out once a year I find a lot of these jumpers are expensive but at under £20 I think that's a reasonable price to pay.

4) Black Reindeer Light Up Christmas Jumper (New Look, £29.99)
Thought I'd include this in case you wanted the jumper to match your reindeer bobble hat! Too much? Maybe. I saw this in store and couldn't work out how it lit up but I'm sure for all of you more savvy than me about this kind of thing it'd make a cool jumper.

5) Fun Pudding Sweater (Next, £28)
Last of the festive jumpers, I just thought this was cute, albeit a bit pricey. (Yes the New Look one was more expensive but unless the pudding lights up I can't part with £28!)

6) Red & White Snowflake Fairisle Brushed Leggings (New Look, £9.99)
I've been desperate for a pair of leggings like this for so long but no matter where I look they never have my size. Maybe next year!

7) Brown Christmas Pudding Slipper Socks (River Island, £8)
Well I did say from head to toe! Don't think it gets more festive than walking around with Christmas Puddings on your feet.

8) Photographic Pug Boypant (Topshop, £4)
Maybe it's not necessary to be festive right down to your knickers but I couldn't resist a pug in a Christmas hat so these had to be included!

9) Reindeer Fairisle Ankle Socks (Topshop, £3.50)
Sort of a similar pattern to the legging but I just think festive socks are a must.

10) Christmas Character Nail Wraps (Topshop, £6)
And finally some Christmas nail wraps. I've never used nail wraps or fake nails or anything like that, I'm strictly a nail varnish kind of girl but I may be persuaded by these! They include Penguin, Santa, Gingerbread Man, Christmas tree, Rudolph and Snowman wraps. If you're going to be festive down to your knickers you may aswell do your nails too!
And the record for most uses of the word "festive" in one post goes to....

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