Monday, 9 December 2013

Feeling Festive #1: Gift Ideas for £15 and Under

I've already done a post about how to tackle the "I don't know what to get for So-and-So" (see here) but I thought I'd do another gift ideas post because there are some great little bits and pieces out there that won't break the bank. Whether you're looking for a stocking filler, Secret Santa or just a little something, there are so many things you can get for £15 and under. It may look like I've gone a little bit Urban Outfitters mad in this post (and maybe I have!) since 50% of the items I've listed are from there but I just think they have some really nice gift ideas. I do branch out a bit near the end I promise! So here goes...

1) Monkey Nail Dryer (Urban Outfitters, £8)
This may seem like an odd one but for someone who loves painting their nails, hates waiting for them to dry and is too lazy to sit there frantically blowing their fingers for ten minutes, this seems like a winner! And come on, look how cute it is!

2) Fuck Off Floral Eye Mask (Urban Outfitters, £8)
Excuse my language there, I suppose this is more of a joke present for that one "Do not wake me or you'll be sorry" friend that we all have. There are other eye masks on the Urban Outfitters website (including an owl and a cat) if you're not a fan of all things offensive but I'm all for acknowledging those grumpy sleepers!

3) Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Hot Water Bottle (Urban Outfitters, £10)
Living in a student house where we can't exactly be as forthcoming with the heating as we'd necessarily like to be, I'm all for hot water bottles and I just think they're good to have in the house; everyone should have one! That with the added festive vibe I'd say this would be a pretty good stocking filler.

4) This Is Not A Book (Urban Outfitters, £8.99)
This is another book (or is it...) by Keri Smith, who also created the Wreck This Journal. I got a Wreck This Journal a few years ago and loved it, even though I'm not in the slightest bit creative. This is along the same sort of lines where each page contains an instruction or task for the reader to carry out. It's just a fun, interactive gift that makes even the least artistic people (i.e. me) look creative!

5) "Girls With Class Don't Need A Glass" Hip Flask (surprise, surprise: Urban Outfitters, £12)
Another great Secret Santa or stocking filler present for those who like a drink. It's just a really pretty take on the traditional "old man's" hip flask and you never know when you're going to need one!

6) Shot Roulette Game (River Island, £13)
Bit of a different gift idea compared to all my other ones but staying on the alcohol-theme, this just seems like a fun game, whether you use it to pre-drink with before going out or just to add something different into a social gathering.

7) Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit (, £15)
This is something I hadn't seen before but thought it would make a pretty cool gift for anyone who wanted to try something new. Each kit comes with enough ingredients to make 5 of your own natural lip balms. They offer four different flavour kits: strawberry, spearmint, orange and unscented and everything has already been weighed out for you so it's a really easy way to get creative!

8) Reindeer Votive Candle Holder (Boux Avenue, £5)
Again going for a festive present, I thought this reindeer candle holder was really cute and I can only imagine how lovely it would look in a dark room with a candle burning away in the middle of it.

9) A Little Scented Something Drawer Sachet (Boux Avenue, £6)
Another little stocking filler (not that we're saying any of our friends have smelly drawers!), I thought this was really pretty and I just remember my Nan always used to have little potpourri balls in all of her drawers so I guess this is just a prettier, more modern version of those to leave your drawer and underwear smelling nice.

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