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Week Review #6: 8th December 2013

//Train Essentials // Train Selfie // Liverpool was Christmassy //
// Roche // Star Wars Purchase // Costa //
// Liver Building // Dinosaurs at the Museum // Roche Again //

A very much overdue week review! So last week I went to Liverpool for a few days with my boyfriend to do some more sightseeing and Christmas shopping in a city that we both love. We got to do a lot more this time round and it definitely seemed less rushed. On the Wednesday we just wandered round and hit the shops because the 4 hour train journey killed us off; who knew you could get so tired from just sitting on a train for 4 hours?! I didn't buy a whole lot but I did pick up a Star Wars top that's got the characters as they would be in the 70s if they were in their school year book. Then just had a chilled evening of food and drinks. After the last couple of weeks of uni it was definitely a welcome break, just to relax away from Cardiff and spend some quality time together because, despite being on the course and seeing each other every day in uni because of that, it felt like we'd hardly actually spent any time together (weird).

// Couldn't resist train selfies! //
// Chilled evening with the pub and a wander round looking at festive things //

Thursday was when the real sightseeing happened. We got up early to make the most of our day because we had to get the train back at 5pm. Started with yet more shopping (how could we resist?!) then we walked down to see the Liver building, think we must have taken a photo of it from every single possible angle between us!
// Morning of shopping! //
// Liver Building // Museum of Liverpool //

From there we saw the Museum of Liverpool and thought what better way to learn more about the city than find out about its history which was actually really interesting. After that we took a wander down to Albert Dock, which I can imagine looks so pretty at night, where we stopped for a much needed Costa! There's a definite Beatles vibe in a lot of the places we saw around the city (understandably) yet this time we didn't manage to actually do any of the Beatles tours or go to the Cavern Club which I reeeally wanted to do.

// Costa // Dinosaurs! // Ancient Greece // Roche //

But hey ho there's always next time! Finally we had a bit of time to kill before our train so we went to the World Museum (two museums in one day, how cultured do we think we are?!). Couldn't resist going to see the dinosaurs first, we're suckers for anything prehistoric so standing infront of a dinosaur skeleton for five minutes was enough to turn us back into excited children on a school trip. There was also a little aquarium in there and I loved the Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek exhibitions (yes, Disney's Hercules songs were playing in my head the whole time I was in that one!). 

Then we had the looong train journey back which, after all that walking the last two days, I found it very difficult to stay awake in. Next time I'd love to visit the Cavern Club since we missed it this time round and I'd definitely want to do the Sightseeing Bus, not only to save my little legs, but because I like knowing all the inside information the tour guides tell you.
All in all a much needed few days!

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