Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week Review #5: 24th November 2013

Star Wars Trilogy // Uni Night Out // Uni Presentation
Liverpool Countdown // New Boots // Doctors
Breakfast with Mum // I'm a Sucker for Sugar // ASOS Order

How am I on my 5th week review already?! This week seems a bit of a blur to me and, if I wasn't so snap-happy with the camera on my phone, I'd probably have no idea what had happened this week. The main reason is that on Thursday I had to do a presentation (I'll talk more about that in a minute) and it's all I was able to think (and stress) about for the first half of the week.

Anyway, the beginning is always the best place to start so on Monday I had a surprise present from my Dad in the form of the original Star Wars trilogy. Then Monday night me and the Uni Gang went to Glam (in my opinion the best nightclub in Cardiff) to "dance the night away". Those nights are probably one of the things I'm going to miss most when uni is over, I'm far too attached to these guys!
Tuesday I spent creating my uni presentation, which I'd been putting off because I panicked every time I looked at it. Wednesday marked 7 days until me and Roche get to escape Cardiff for a few days to do some shopping and sightseeing in Liverpool (I'll no doubt do a post about that next week!).
Thursday was a busy day! My new boots came in the post, just in time for me to make my way to the doctors (which I seem to be living at atm) and then at 2pm I had my presentation. Anyone who knows me knows I'm the worst public speaker. I get beyond nervous and have panic attacks and in high school it was a well-known fact, by teachers and pupils alike, that if a presentation was set I would be conveniently ill that day. It sort of became a running joke in high school but this uni presentation wasn't one I could dodge. I had to basically do a presentation about what my dissertation is about and how I'm going to do it. I spent the whole time waiting for my turn staring at the door wanting to run straight for it. My uni supervisor even said "Every time I looked at you you were looking at the door, I thought you were going to leave" I simply replied "I was". But I got myself through it and decided to reward myself with an ASOS order as soon as I got home!
Saturday morning I met up with my Mum for breakfast and a wander round the shops and I honestly need to do that more because I really do miss her now that I don't live with her anymore. She also treated me to some Galaxy drinks and when I got home I saw my ASOS order there waiting for me.

Here's the outfit in full:
(Excuse the odd socks!)

And here's the status my boyfriend did after we got out of the presentation room (being lovely as always...):

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