Saturday, 2 November 2013

Review: La Roche-Posay Serozinc

What is it?
It's a zinc sulfate solution in an aerosol spray form

What does it claim to do?
Purifies, cleanses and soothes the skin's surface irritations

How to use it.
I use it as a toner, so after my cleanser but before my moisturiser. I spray it evenly across my face, wait 10 seconds for it to sink in a bit then dab my face with a cotton pad. Alternatively you can just use a cotton pad to wipe it around your face.

After 8 years of a religious cleanse and moisturise routine (twice a day) I thought it was about time I stopped ignoring toners and actually introduced one into my daily routine. I always dismissed this middle step as pointless since my cleanse and moisturise combination seemed to be working perfectly. However since adding this product in between cleansing and moisturising I kicked myself for not doing it sooner. 
At first I was sceptical about this product, despite reading such positive reviews, because I thought it was essentially "fancy water", with the ingredients simply being "water, sodium chloride and zinc sulfate". However the results were incredible. I thought my old routine was doing the trick but after using this for 3 weeks now I can see how wrong I was. 
Toners basically get rid of any makeup or cleanser left behind on your skin and this spray certainly does that! My skin has never been so clean and, as a result, I've never seen my skin so consistently spot-free. With no makeup or other impurities sticking around on my skin and clogging my pores my skin has benefited massively, giving me the confidence to even go out without any foundation/concealer on. 
Who knew you could get such a fantastic result from "fancy water"?!

Sum Up.
I now don't know where I'd be without this product in my routine, I will definitely be re-purchasing and I highly recommend trying it out. 

Anyone else tried it? If so, what did you think?


  1. Hey, this seems great, I admit I dont use toner, and I think, based on your review that it would be good for me. However, I need to ask, how much is it? x

    1. Hi Claire! You can't actually buy it in the shops in the UK so I got mine from ebay where "Buy It Nows" range from £10-13.99 or could try bidding and getting a bargain! Or you could buy it on the Farmaline website which would be cheaper as long as you don't mind that the prices on the website are in Euros, here's the link: