Sunday, 17 November 2013

Week Review #4: 17th November 2013

My new Parka came // Assignment hand-in day // Chocolate overload
Got a 2:1 // Roche's Bitstrip obsession // Thinking I can multi-task
Rugby at Varsity // Star Wars was on TV // Starbucks Sunday

Time for another week review! These weeks seem to be whizzing past me at the moment, feel like it's going to be Christmas before we know it. So, since in the last couple of weeks the temperature has taken a downward turn, I decided to order a Parka from ASOS which came on Monday and I'm in love with it. I'd forgotten what being outside and feeling warm at the same time felt like until now! Tuesday was assignment hand-in day for me at uni and after slaving away all last week I was beyond relieved to hand this one in. That's two assignments down, what feels like a million to go. After the hand in Tuesday, Roche surprised me with a maaaaaassive bar of Galaxy and endless cups of hot chocolate while watching This Is The End (highly recommend it if you love anything Seth Rogan/Jonah Hill). We're such hardcore students; alcohol-fuelled night out after a hand-in? Nahh chocolate and a film it is. Thursday I got my first assignment of third year back which I was desperate for because 1) second year my grades took a turn for the worse and 2) I wanted to see how high the bar was set in third year. I was more than pleasantly surprised with 65% which is a 2:1 and the grade I'm hoping to get when I finish uni in June so to know I'm on track felt amazing. Not sure if any of you have the Bitstrip app but it's becoming a kind of obsession, which usually involves people insulting each other (jokingly) and posting it on Facebook (in the case above Roche taking the piss out of my driving...). Friday was a nothingness day really. I'm really indecisive and didn't know which I wanted to catch up on first; reading* or The Walking Dead, which resulted in me trying (and failing) to multi-task. Saturday me, Roche, my housemate Laura and Nick went to Varsity for food and to watch the rugby. Wales were playing Argentina and, with the final score being 40-6 to Wales, there were some very happy people around Cardiff! After the game I went home and watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with Roche before making our way to his and then this morning doing some Christmas shopping (and having a much needed Starbucks break!) in town. (As you can probably tell by the name on his Starbucks cup I don't actually call Roche by his first name ever, just to clarify any confusion! haha). I'm starting to feel so Christmassy what with all the lights around town and Christmas songs playing in shops, it genuinely puts me in the best mood. 

Here's a full length picture of my ASOS Parka (in petite, £85). It may sound pricey but the warmth you feel when you're wearing it beyond justifies the price tag!

*Currently Reading: No Time For Goodbye by Linwood Barclay.
I can't rave about this author enough, if you like thriller/suspense type books Linwood Barclay is definitely your go-to guy. This is the third book by him I've read; the others being Too Close To Home and Trust Your Eyes. I honestly can't pick a favourite, you never know which way the story is going to go and I find it so difficult to put the books down. If you want well-written suspense novels look no further!

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