Sunday, 3 November 2013

Week #2: 3rd November 2013

Mum's Moving Day // My dog is ignorant // Liverpool trip with Boyf booked
Scream Movie Night // Pumpkin Carving // Halloween
Heinsenberg! // Football at the pub // Harry Potter Day

Another hectic week and it would be just my luck that my first week off from uni in ages I spend feeling beyond ill. So my week consisted of going and helping my Mum move house which also meant getting to see my dog Millie who does a really good job of ignoring I exist most of the time! On Tuesday me and my boyfriend Roche had a "Breaking Bad and Dominos Pizza" lazy day and booked our trip to Liverpool for a few days at the end of November. Then to get in the Halloween spirit me and my housemate Laura watched Scream (which I may or may not have fallen asleep in, oops!). Halloween was spent carving Pedro the Pumpkin with Roche followed by a night out with the gang. I only went as a cheerleader but people really outdid themselves with costumes this year with my friend Joe going as the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Roche going as Walter White/Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. That made him a sort of "local celebrity" when we were out with people asking to have pictures with him. Yesterday I went to the pub to watch Liverpool v Arsenal. Now I'm in no way a football fan but with Roche being a Liverpool supporter and Joe being an Arsenal supporter I thought I'd better go to keep the peace. And today I'm having a lazy Sunday watching Harry Potter, it's a hard life! Back to reality with uni tomorrow though.

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