Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Clothes Wishlist #1

// See end of post for item details //

When I created this blog (albeit not that long ago!) I didn't even contemplate ever doing a clothes post because, honestly, I don't think I possess any kind of dress sense. I'm all for oversized t shirts or baggy jumpers worn over my black matte wetlook leggings or my black disco pants with either ankle boots or my converse. Its safe to say I'm usually not very adventurous, opting for a comfy, easy-to-throw-on, this-took-me-2-minutes look. I like to think I dress semi-grungy and "rock-chick-esque", especially with my cropped leather biker jacket, but that may just be wishful thinking on my part! Saying this I am partial to a girly skater skirt but, and its a concept that baffles my friends, I try to steer clear of "floaty", overly-girly skirts or dresses, simply because I look young anyway and I feel like even more of a little girl in those types of clothes (as much as I would love to wear them!).
I usually live and die in Topshop but for when my student budget doesn't stretch to Topshop prices I branch out to ASOS, Missguided and Boohoo. So above is my current clothes wishlist full of items that I will probably never actually possess but I will lust after from this side of my computer screen. (Apart from the Parka in the last photo which I may have just purchased...oops!) And below are two outfits that I'd love to own:

You may have noticed that there are a few American Apparel items in this post which are definitely not in any way within my student budget but a girl can dream right?!

Items in this post:
1) Noelle Chicago Oversized Tee in Burgundy (Missguided, £12.99)
2) Ceryssa Value Loose Fir Crop Top in Grey (Missguided, £5.49)
3) Giliana Leather & Tweed Dress (Missguided, £24.99)
4) Katherine Oversized Jumper in Berry (Boohoo, £15.00)
5) Lyndsey Cable Knit Super Soft Leggings in Grey (Boohoo, £8.00)
6) ASOS Wool Mix Short Cable Beanie (ASOS, £10.00)
7) American Apparel Easy Sweat Top (ASOS, £50.00)
8) American Apparel Disco Pants (ASOS, £74.00)
9) American Apparel Slouchy T Shirt (ASOS, £30.00)

10) ASOS Petite Khaki Parka (ASOS, £85.00)

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