Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Birthday Weekend

So I turned 21 on Sunday, despite still looking 15 (which I'm going to put down to having a good skincare routine for the last 10 years, thanks Mum!). I've honestly had the best birthday I think I've ever had and it just made me realise how lucky I am to be surrounded by the family and friends that I am, which is something I take for granted in day-to-day life. 

Saturday 8th March:

Starting with Saturday, my present from my boyfriend was a trip to London Zoo because I love zoos and the nearest one we have is Bristol Zoo which doesn't have the same variety of animals as London offers. It was a super long day, we got the Megabus at 6.30am, then after a 4 hour bus journey, 2 tube rides and a 25 minute walk later we were finally at the zoo! We spent about 4 hours there, it was such a sunny day and I loved every minute of it; I just felt like a kid again. I even got to see a snake yawn, there's a first time for everything! Then began the long trip back, we got home at 10pm and I couldn't wait to crawl my aching body into bed. I'm so unfit I even pull muscles walking round zoos nowadays!

Sunday 9th March:

My birthday! Weirdly (as it's so out of character for me), I started the day by cleaning my room from top to bottom and having a complete clear out. Absolutely no idea why I did it, clearly the new 21 year old me is a tidier, less cluttered individual! As is the tradition, I spend my birthday with my whole family (minus my Dad), we just hang out, have food and enjoy each others' company. It's not very often we get a chance to all get together and it's something I wish we could do more. My cake was absolutely amazing though, it was a cake of a VW campervan (because I've always been slightly obsessed with them) and was chocolate fudge cake inside. Then I spent the evening with Roche, takeaway and TV; pretty perfect end to the day!

And these are the collages I woke up to on Facebook from my Mum and Dad:

Monday 10th March:

Most of Monday was spent in uni but in the evening I saw my Dad and then it was time to celebrate with my uni friends. Me and my friend Joe had a joint birthday night out, starting out in Varsity with a load of Woo Woo cocktails and then moving on to Live Lounge, where my brother and his friends joined us too. Couldn't ask for a better end to my birthday celebrations than being surrounded by my favourite people and listening to great music.

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