Monday, 3 March 2014

Let's Catch Up!

Ok so as I said in my last post, I've been Blogger AWOL for 2 months so I thought I'd do a catch up post of everything that's got on in that time. It seems like an absolute blur looking back on it and trying to remember what I've been up to; what would I do without Instagram to remind me?!

End of December 2013:
// White Christmas with Gramp // Millie versus reindeer decorations // Fajita Night //
// Christmas Eve cinema trip with Mum // Christmas PJs tradition // Presents from Boyf //
// One of the Xmas presents to Boyf // Dexter & Uni Work // Presents from me to me //

I was lacking the festive spirit so my Gramp decided to put on White Christmas which, I know, is a classic but I'd never seen it. Adding to the Christmas spirit, my Nan came back with light up reindeer and sleigh for their back garden which my dog in no way appreciated; she didn't know what they were or why they were in her favourite carpet spot but she wanted them gone! Not really in-keeping with the "Christmas tone" of this part of the post but Roche and I decided to have a Fajita night which is definitely something that needs to be done more often! Then onto Christmas Eve, which is full of traditions in my family, starting with mine and my Mum's annual Christmas Eve trip to the cinema which this year involved Saving Mr Banks. I honestly can't rave about this film enough, it's just an all-round great family film full of the Disney magic I'd been missing. Christmas Eve ended how it always did, with Christmas Eve PJs, this year's being a reindeer vest and red shorts set from Boohoo. Christmas Day was full of the usual family festivities and the new addition of driving over to Roche's in the evening to do our own little Christmas. He knows me so well getting all of my favourite things; pug make-up bag and calendar, Nirvana T-Shirt and of course Batiste dry shampoo (where would I be without it!). I bought him something the big kid deep down inside of him (ok really not that deep down...) had been mentioning for months in the run up to Christmas; Lord of the Rings Lego including Gollum figurine to remind him of me (long story short: I used to get called Gollum in high school because the resemblance was uncanny). Finally, no rest for the wicked, uni work doesn't stop just because it's the last couple of days of the year but I couldn't face doing it without my beloved Dexter and buying myself some presents as a reward for trying to be a good uni student!

January 2014:
// Millie's Vets trip // My first opticians visit // My usual view //
// Cinema Trip: American Hustle // Puppy-sitting // Ruby Tuesdays // 
// Night out // Hangover Day // High School teacher on Pointless //

January absolutely flew by! So to start from the beginning (leaving out New Years which was awful), Millie does not in any way like the vets, I don't blame her, I'm probably the same when I go to the doctors but she was properly shaking and hiding under chairs and, being the mean owner that I am, I just couldn't resist taking a picture! I also, at almost 21, had my very first eye test. Probably something that was long overdue but it turns out I have good vision and no need for glasses! Summing up my usual view in photo three, Roche and football, can't say I'm in any way a football fan but I am a fan of Roche so if keeping him happy means watching men run round in shorts then it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. We also went to see American Hustle which I was kind of expecting more from considering how huge the cast was. That being said I did really enjoy it but it was one of those films where it ended and I wasn't sure what to make of it. I then got to do something I absolutely love doing; puppy-sitting! Anyone who knows me knows I'm near-enough obsessed with puppies and dogs in general and I cannot be held responsible for the "aww" noises and baby speech that leave my mouth when a puppy crosses my path so I jumped at the chance of looking after Roche's dad's puppy Jake. Little tinker. Then there was some Ruby Tuesdays action (love, love, love!) and a night out for no other reason than we all needed to de-stress and I had a new dress, which is from Missguided and has accelerated my love of tartan. With every night out, brings a hangover day which involved not really moving from the sofa for 90% of the day. Finally a total surprise while flicking through channels, I spotted my high school geography/form teacher, who has to be said was my favourite (if we're allowed to show favouritism). Needless to say he did not do very well, which was gutting because judging by Facebook we were all rooting for him! Genuinely lovely man, even when we used to wind him up a treat.

February 2014:
// Another night out // Sudden realisations // London Zoo //
// Valentine's Day // Want an adventure // Cinema trip: Lego Movie //
// Russell Howard's Wonderbox // Babysitting the Dweebs // Birthday celebrations //

And finally, February! Another birthday night out with (mostly) my favourite people to celebrate some people completing Dry January. Following that I realised that uni will be over forever in a few months and, since I've had the absolute best years of my life so far, it's the scariest thought having to leave this place and these people. I had a sudden realisation that everything is going to change (I'm not good at change!) and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. It's an adventure I suppose! Speaking of adventures, Roche booked us a trip to London Zoo for my birthday because I absolutely love zoos and the nearest one to me is Bristol which, I hate to say it, has gone downhill in recent years. Onto my first ever Valentine's Day! I know it's all commercialised and you should show you love your partners every day not just one day a year but it was my first one and no one's ever bought me roses before so safe to say I got caught up in the Valentine's moment. Also with the pressures of dissertation writing, even more recently, I've just fantasized about dropping everything, hopping on a train and exploring somewhere I've never been before. I'll do it one day, I love adventures. Yet another cinema trip to see The Lego Movie, which I didn't think would be my thing, but I surprised myself by LOVING it! I recommend it, it's just a happy film. Last week I went to see Russell Howard live and it was just the pick-me-up a needed, I was crying with laughter throughout the whole thing, he did not disappoint! Then this weekend Roche and I were puppy-sitting the troublemaking Spaniel Jake again which I will honestly never get tired of. And finally, it marked a week until London Zoo and my 21st birthday, expect a blog post!

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