Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Top Apps: Airbnb

Next in my app series is Airbnb.
Boy do I wish I'd known about this app sooner! Airbnb is an app, as well as a website, where people can list rooms, apartments, houses, boats and even manor houses and castles (if you have the bank account to back it up), for holiday-makers to rent out during their trip.

Ok so how does the app work.

// Discover Page // Side Menu // Sleep in a Bus //

Once you've logged in, you'll find yourself on the "Discover" page which is full of a mix of different apartments and houses from all over the world if you just fancied seeing what's out there. I even found listings for buses to stay in! Not sure if I'd be up for it but I love the concept. The side menu allows you to see the trips you have planned, as well as view your property wishlists of listings you've favourited and saved for a later date. 

// Search results can be viewed either as list or on map // Filter results //

The search option then allows you to enter your travel dates, how many people are travelling with you and your destination and BAM scroll away to find the perfect place for you. There are also filters you can put on your search, such as price range, room type and why you're visiting the area in order for the site to come up with the most relevant listings, save you trawling through pages of inadequate homes. 

// Listing Page //
// I do not know or have any affiliation with the above listing owner, it is merely an example //

When you see something that interests you, tap the listing to see a full property description and photos, location details, available booking dates, reviews from people who have stayed there and any house rules that may be in place. There is also a link to the host's profile so you can see exactly whose property you're staying in!

I haven't actually booked any accommodation through the app yet, so far I've just had some fun typing in random places and seeing what pretty apartments come up (my nosy side is never far away!). That being said, I'm going to Dublin next week and, although everything's already booked, I really wish I'd seen this app before then because I put in the dates we're over there and there are actually some really nice apartments right in the city centre that are cheaper than what we're paying for our hotel.

Definitely something to keep in mind next time I'm booking a trip and I'd recommend having a look if you're planning on going anywhere because you might just find something really nice and save yourself some money in the process!

Has anyone used Airbnb or do you know someone who has? I'd love to hear your opinions.
Or maybe like me you've had a nose around different countries for fun, let me know what you've found!

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