Sunday, 27 October 2013

Week #1: 27th October 2013

3am flights aren't my friend // Hotels don't think through their plugs // Nan's bracelet
Jersey // Laura's birthday night out // Hangover Day at the cinema with Boyf
Evening in with Boyf and Jake the Dog // Walking Dead Catchup // Day of Uni Work

I've been pretty busy lately, with me starting the week in Jersey because that's where my family are from and I had a funeral to go to there. While I was there my auntie gave me my nan's bracelet that she wore every day until she died so needless to say that meant the world to me. Later in the week a bunch of us went out for my housemate Laura's 23rd birthday which was followed by the nicest hangover day (if a hangover day can ever be classed as "nice"!).

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