Saturday, 26 October 2013

30 Random Facts About Me

Since I'm pretty new to the whole "blog scene" I thought what better way to tell you a little bit more about myself than doing a "30 Random Facts about Me" post. I know technically it's usually 50 facts but I honestly don't think I'm interesting enough for that many facts! Hopefully you'll find some of the facts amusing and maybe you'll even find we have something in common. So here goes...

1) Starting off with the boring one: I'm a 20 year old Psychology student from Cardiff studying in Cardiff (I clearly can't get enough of the place!)
2) I put cheese on pretty much everything, my poor arteries are probably sobbing from all the cholesterol but I can't help but love the stuff
3) One of my main life goals is to visit all the states of America (6 down, 44 to go!)
4) All of a sudden I can't go to Queen Street (our main shopping street in Cardiff) without my eye getting so swollen that I can't see. I literally look like Quasimodo and the Elephant Man's love child
5) I'm completely obsessed with skincare which is probably what led me to start this blog
6) I've had Alopecia since I was 11 which has resulted in me not having any eyelashes or eyebrows. This means there probably won't be any reviews on mascara (sorry!) but it's given me a good insight into the world of fake lashes and eyebrow pencils 
7) When I was younger I was about to have a blood test, me being the needle-phobe that I am, panicked at the last minute, knocked the nurse's hand which caused her to accidentally stick the needle in herself. Needless to say my mum was mortified!
8) I met my boyfriend last Halloween, me dressed as a sailor girl, him dressed as a zombie. What wonderful first impressions!
9) I'm afraid of lifts, heights, flying and bees/wasps (this list is way longer but I don't want to look like a big old scaredy cat!)
10) I'm welsh and have lived in Wales my entire life, yet I don't have even an ounce of a welsh accent which I actually find gutting
11) I once tripped over a bin while staring so intently at a hot guy across the road (embarrassing)
12) I've read all the Harry Potter books 3 times (apart from The Prisoner of Azkaban which I've read 7 times)
13) Probably a pretty cliche one but my favourite book is The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
14) Because of the whole lack of eyelashes and eyebrows thing I was called Gollum throughout the whole of high school (kids can be so cruel!)
15) I've been a bridesmaid 3 times, what do they say? Always a bridesmaid, never the bride? Damn.
16) My first gig was in 2009 and it was Fall Out Boy
17) I've seen every episode of Friends, Dexter, Lost, Gossip Girl, Breaking Bad and Gavin & Stacey 
18) Harry Styles is my guilty pleasure, which I hate to admit
19) My car's called Phoebe, Phoebe the Fiesta
20) My favourite animal is an elephant (closely followed by meerkats and penguins)
21) When I was in primary school I used to fancy Ash Ketchum from Pokemon and Aladdin 
22) I may be 20 but I look so young that I recently got ID'd for a 15 film at the cinema
23) I used to know every single word to both School of Rock and the first Pirates of the Caribbean
24) I used to want to be a model and got obsessed with all sorts of modelling TV shows but then I got to 5 foot 2 and stopped growing...
25) I can't stand popcorn, the smell, the taste, anything
26) If I could look like anyone in the world it would be Lauren Conrad
27) Speaking of which, no matter what shitty situation I'm in there's a Hills episode to go with it
28) Another one of my life goals is I reeeeally want to do a road trip of either Europe or America in a VW Campervan
29) If I ever have a son I want to call him Dylan
30) I'm obsessed with Kurt Cobain or anything Nirvana related

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